Kaspersky Lab Americas’ Award-Winning Partner Program Raises the Bar

WOBURN, MA — (Marketwire) — 05/04/10 — A 100 percent commitment to the value-added channel isn’t simply lip service at Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of Internet threat management solutions that protect against all forms of malicious software. It’s how Kaspersky Lab has transformed itself from a virtual unknown in North America to a significant force in IT security in just five years.

Already honored by Everything Channel in 2008 & 2009 as the Client Security Software Company of the Year and a Five Star Partner Program Winner, today’s announcement unveils significant new enhancements and levels to the Kaspersky Lab Green Team Partner Program. Kaspersky Lab offers top rated security solutions to maximize partners’ competitive edge and market reach. Offering service and support are critical components to ensuring overall success. Kaspersky Lab Americas recently appointed Nancy Reynolds as Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales and Support. In this new role, Nancy will lead both the corporate sales and support teams as a single unit, ensuring pre-sales, post-sales and support are offered in four languages, (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), and led out of the Kaspersky Lab Americas’ headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts to support the needs of the entire region.

As part of its Green Team Partner Program, Kaspersky Lab has significantly beefed up the WOW! factor with new revenue, support and rewards opportunities. Here is a sampling of what’s new:

* NEW! Business Discount Rewards – Financial incentives for Partners around new customer acquisition.
* NEW! Online Deal Registration – Partners who register deals can earn additional discounts and protect deals.
* NEW! Customer Account Registration – With an approved business plan, Partners can register protection for specific customer accounts.
* NEW! Extended Distribution Terms – Partners can now receive even greater distribution terms for positive cash flow.
* NEW! Syndicated Threatpost Content – Partners can now syndicate Threatpost IT Security News and Analysis on their own websites, bringing the latest security news and threat information to their customers, driving new traffic to partner websites and generating new partner leads.
* NEW! Self-Service Software Downloads & Trials – Partners can easily access customized and co-branded software downloads, greatly reducing the time and effort required for customer trials.
* NEW! Kaspersky University Online Training – Partners are eligible for admission to the new Kaspersky University. Regional and new online training modules are offered for optimal knowledge exchange.

To learn more about Kaspersky Lab’s Green Team Partner Program, please visit: http://usa.kaspersky.com/partners/partner-program.php or email: greenteam@kaspersky.com. To join the program, please visit: http://portal.kasperskyamericas.com.

Spencer Ferguson, President, Wasatch Software
“I’m very excited about syndicating Threatpost content to our site. This brings relevant and constantly changing IT security news and analysis directly to our website for our customers and prospecting needs. And best of all, it’s packed with new marketing opportunities for our company without us having to lift a finger.”

Brett Alterman, Sales Director, Resilient IQ
“The new deal registration program not only protects us in competitive situations, it rewards us with meaningful discounts for bringing new opportunities to Kaspersky Lab. The fact that Kaspersky Lab is willing to invest in my business by funding a dedicated Kaspersky product sales specialist shows they value me as a true business partner. These are just two benefits among a host of others that are particularly important to us at Resilient IQ.”

Nancy Reynolds, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales & Support, Kaspersky Lab Americas
“When I came to Kaspersky Lab, my intent was not to change the Green Team Partner program, but enhance it. As partners make commitments and investments with Kaspersky Lab, we want to ensure that we deliver a program that emphasizes education, knowledge transfer and lead management, and we’ll continue to invest in those partners who give us their highest levels of commitment. We’re building business integrity into our programs and maintaining profitability for greater revenue for partners and customers.”

Kristen Capone, Vice President, North American Channel Sales, Kaspersky Lab Americas
“Having recently come on board at Kaspersky Lab, I communicated my goal of optimizing the Green Team Partner Program in ways that would richly benefit partners in 2010 and beyond. This program is the next step of that vision and reality.”

Fonte: http://ca.sys-con.com


The Iphone OS needs to be opened up, says Kaspersky

THE INFOSEC CONFERENCE WAS TOLD that Apple’s Iphone is secure for now, but if Apple doesn’t open up the system it will lose out to rival mobile operating systems due to its lack of flexibility.

Eugene Kaspersky, founder and CEO of Kaspersky Labs, said at Infosec that if Apple does not change its Iphone OS within three years to be more open like Android, it will lose market share because there will be less software supporting it.

He said, “Symbian was very secure. Nokia had a very secure system for years, but it started to lose the market because it didn’t have the functionality.”

“They changed its mind and now it’s open source. They moved from the far, far left to the far, far right in terms of security.”

Software vendors can’t put security software on the Iphone because it is so locked down, so Kaspersky obviously has a vested interest in making the device more open as his company deals with mobile security.

So the Inquirer went for a talk with David Harley, director of malware intelligence at ESET, who has had many years experience with Apple security and was speaking at Infosec on the subject.

He said that Apple’s whitelisting of Iphone applications, where the availability of apps is controlled by Apple, means that that anything running on the apps store is thought to be ‘safe’.

Harley said, “I’m not convinced that they can maintain that model indefinitely. First of all as more and more people want to jump on the [Apple] bandwagon it’s going to be less and less feasible to spend the time of checking on every application for total security.”

He added that there had been hints that there have been ‘grey’ applications that had got through.

“The other thing is that a lot of Apple users want freedom to choose their own applications. Sooner or later Apple is going to have to find someway of accommodating some of the people who break Iphones. There are an awful lot of them.”

This asks the question about ‘jailbreaking’, where doing it is a breach of Apple’s agreement and in effect the user affected ‘deserves everything they get’. This is why last year’s reports of Apple Iphone Trojans weren’t taken that seriously, as they hit hacked phones.

“I can’t say that’s completely wrong, but what are the odds that at some point some breach is going to leak into un-jailbroken phones?”

If Apple did loosen the reins, Harley said that it would need some form of security that differed from application whitelisting, although he was unclear about what form this would take. µ

Fonte: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/1603543/the-iphone-os-kaspersky

Oman’s MoE implements Kaspersky Lab anti virus solution across 35,000 networked PC terminals

Oman’s Ministry of Education has implemented a new online virus detection solution for 35,000 PC terminal users in response to rapidly increasing malware volumes. Following a competitive the Ministry has adopted the antivirus for Windows Workstation of Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions, to beef up its network security and reduce vulnerability and exposure to hackers, spam and virus.

“The detection rates of the previous vendor’s solution could not keep up with the rate of infections and the Ministry of Education took the decision to identify a new solution to resolve the issue at endpoint level,” said the Ministry’s spokesperson Ali Bin Suleiman Alhanai.

“We chose Kaspersky LabKaspersky Lab because of its high detection rates of viruses and the solution’s ability to perform with the minimum resources possible. Our tests of Kaspersky’s product on one of our live servers showed that it detected and removed more malware than any other solution we tried.

“We have already seen the important benefits the new products have introduced to our operations through compatibility with existing IT security infrastructure, higher detection rates, user friendly interface and ability to maintain high performance without slowing down our systems,” said Alhanai.

The Ministry of Education of Oman has also acquired a further 1,000 Kaspersky Antivirus for Windows servers licenses for its network of servers across the Sultanate. It took less than four months for the Ministry to implement the full solution across its network.

“We are very proud to have won and implemented our superior anti virus solutions across the network of Oman’s Ministry of Education,” said Tarek Kuzbari, Managing Director, Kaspersky, Middle East. “This project demonstrates our ability to provide governmental institutions with bespoke solutions that meet their discerning and sensitive requirements.

“The Middle East’s government sector ranks high among our regional priorities and the Ministry of Education of Oman is the latest in a long list of government institutions that have adopted’s security solutions.”

Fonte: http://www.zawya.com

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Beta Download

A few days ago we reported that Symantec started the public beta test for their 2011 security lineup. Windows users were able to download and test beta builds of both Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton Antivirus 2011.

Kaspersky has also starting to publish public beta versions of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 that users can download from their development servers.

The announcement was made on the Kaspersky forum and on Twitter. One of the moderators of the forum posted information about changes in the 2011 lineup of Kaspersky (translated from Russian).

Granular control of application rules
The product will now use both KSN and WoC (Wisdom of Crowd) ratings, when application information is gathered (including HIPS policies)
The product informs the user of the following:
-General Information
-Protection Status
-Date the application appeared first (WoC)
-KSN participants who have this application installed (WoC)
-Trust group levels of that application among KSN participants (WoC)
-Geographic information of the application distribution of KSN participants (WoC)

Smart Installer Mode
If the product has detected an error during install:
-The user will be informed of the potential infection and AVPTool download utility will be offered.
If the product detected previous home version key (for intance KAV found KIS):
-The product will suggest an alternative code to be installed or convert functionality on the fly (KIS KAV)
Single downloadable executable installer for both x32 and x64 bit versions.

Kaspersky Gadget
-Allows product launch if not started already
-Quick access to the program’s main window
-Launch On Demand Task for selected object (file, folder, registry), which dragable onto the gadget itself
-Read Kaspersky Labs news via news agent (linked syndications)
-Access to Safe Desktop

Parental Control — new features
-Game Control (age rating)
-P2P Control usage
-Email Control usage
-Social Networking Control
-Credit Card payment processor sites

Enhanced Rescue Disk
-The product will verify the image consistency
-Automatic signature update, if not actual
-Support for CD/DVD via built in interface
-Support for bootable USB flash card
-The product now desinfects startup entries, registry, ini files, not only files

Green Zone
-Safe Desktop (alternative mode for all secure user operations)
-Internet Zone (Red = KL reputation dangerous, Gray = No information or not enough data, Green = Safe resource)
-Geo Security (Block resources located in certain geographical areas if the user deems that visiting them is not needed)
-Sandbox v2.0 (will now separate browsers from other programs)

Malware Search
-Idle Scan (is launched when certain criterion are met and the computer is iddle – launch of resource demanding tasks such as updater, rootkit scanner, system area scan, when the user is not present)

System Watcher
-Collects and saves events from different product subsystems and helps perform analysis for suspicious activities.
-Alerts the user by providing the information needed to make an informed decisiom (interactive mode of operations)

Misc Items
-The product will support and differentiate non-latin symbols in URLs

A forum account is required to access the beta testing forum. The programs on the other hand can be downloaded without forum registration. The download contains both KAV 2011 and KIS 2011.

download: http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbuilds/

Long Available PAC Utility in Browsers Used in Cybercrime

According to Kaspersky researchers, Brazilian malware developers are employing a feature available for long in the most advanced browsers, with a purpose to launch attacks which redirect unwary victims onto malicious sites, even without their knowledge, as per the news published by infosecurity.com on April 14, 2010.

This long available feature is known as PAC (proxy auto config). This feature is now showing up in banking Trojans.

Fabio Assolini, a lab expert at Kaspersky, said that PAC is accepted by all latest Internet browsers. PAC has a utility to send browsers to a particular proxy server, as per the news published by infosecurity.com on April 14, 2010.

A proxy server is actually a computer which accesses the Internet on behalf of a computer user and provides it with the results. Often, systems administrators use these proxy servers as a gateway between the Internet and the computers of an organization. The PAC files are set on the machines of the client so that the Internet is always accessed through a protected gateway.

In addition, PAC are those files which contain the text of FindProxyForURL(), a single JavaScript utility. The JavaScript function is invoked by the Web browser every time a Web object or content is ready to be fetched. The browser is called on by two arguments: object’s URL as well as the hostname deduced from that URL.

Assolini said that it is unfortunate that Brazilian malware creators are extensively using this simple yet smart technique to forward infected victims to nasty hosts that serve phishing Web pages of financial institutions, as per the news published by infosecurity.com on April 14, 2010.

Assolini further said that a Trojan banker-infected user will be redirected to a phishing website which is hosted at the malevolent proxy server, if he attempts to access any of the websites that are listed in the script.

Not only this, even the securely designed browsers from bottom up, like Google’s Chrome, are vulnerable to this particular attack as it alters the file prefs.js in order to add a spiteful proxy before inserting a malicious dynamic link library (DLL) to always write the proxy again, in case it is removed.

Such an attack is an interesting edition on a more traditional redirection attack that includes the Windows Hosts file.

» SPAMfighter News – 27-04-2010

Kaspersky Lab host infosec student event in Poland

According to the Russian-headquartered IT security specialist, the event will bring together the winners from three preliminary rounds of a security competition held in Europe and Asia, as well as Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

More than 100 students and professors from leading universities from around the world will take part in the conference, along with representatives from Kaspersky Lab’s headquarters/regional offices, the media and an invited audience.

During the conference, the plan is for students to present their research to a panel of judges consisting of Kaspersky Lab experts, professors and the event sponsors.

The panel will evaluate the students’ performance according to the social significance and relevance of the project; how practical and innovative it is; and their presentation skills.

The conference agenda also includes workshops led by Kaspersky Lab experts. The experts will answer questions and make recommendations regarding project follow-ups and talk about the latest developments plus techniques used to fight cybercrime.

Announcing the event, Svetlana Efimova, Kaspersky Lab’s head of educational programmes, said that the problem of cyberthreats is very acute all over the world.

“It is therefore important to be prepared for the cybercriminals’ next moves and to know how to resist them. That is the reason why Kaspersky Lab pays so much attention to the development of scientific and innovative research in this field”, she said.

“By holding conferences we provide an opportunity for enthusiastic young IT specialists and experts to exchange their experiences, knowledge and ideas”, she added.

Efimova went on to say that events like this provide broad opportunities for joint working, as well as assisting students to find their way in the world of IT security.


Kaspersky launches Pure home PC protection

Kaspersky Lab has released a new security solution designed to provide all round protection for home PCs and home PC networks.

The Kaspersky Pure product combines Kaspersky Anti Virus and Kaspersky Internet Security products, along with other features, to provide an integrated solution which can be used to manage security for all PCs on a home network.

The product includes extended parental control features, data backup and encryption tools, a password management programme and a sandbox mode to examine threats in secure environment.

The solution can be controlled from a single PC to configure any PC on the network, using Kaspersky Control Centre, which can also monitor security on the wi-fi network, while Kaspersky Back Up provides scheduling for automated back up tasks.

Tarek Kuzbari, managing director, Kaspersky Lab, Middle East said: “In today’s digital world, confidential data is increasingly stored in digital format and web-based shopping and banking services are fast gaining ground in the Middle East. These services, as they develop, become attractive targets for malicious attacks and cause the already vast array of cyber threats to grow daily.

“Kaspersky Pure is the ultimate protection for home digital life taking anti-malware and Internet security to the next level and ensuring that computers remain highly immune to cyber threats of any kind,” he added.

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