McAfee SNS Notice: Special Remediation & Download for the Dat 5958 Issue


McAfee has TWO solutions to help you remediate any issues you may be experience due to the DAT 5958 issue.

SOLUTION #1 – McAfee SuperDAT Remediation Tool

The McAfee SuperDAT Remediation Tool suppresses the driver causing the DAT 5958 false positive by applying an Extra.dat file in c:\program files\commonfiles\mcafee\engine folder. It then restores the svchost.exe by looking first in %SYSTEM_DIR%\dllcache\svchost.exe, if not present it will attempt a restore from %WINDOWS%\servicepackfiles\i386\svchost.exe, if not present it will attempt a restore from quarantine. After the tool is run, the machine needs to be rebooted.

Recommended Recovery SuperDAT Procedure

1. From a machine that has Internet access, locate and download the Recovery SuperDAT at and save it to portable media.

2. Take the portable media to each affected machine and run the tool. If you are not able to run the tool on the affected machine, boot in safe mode

3. Execute the Recovery SuperDAT tool

4. Reboot in normal mode

5. Use the product update to update to DAT 5959 or later

SOLUTION #2 – McAfee Bootable ISO Image for Download (NEW)

If you have remote users and need to create your own bootable disk for distribution, you now can download the ISO image (135MB) to create a 5958 Recovery Tool disk.

To obtain a copy of this image, please go to and complete the information requested. McAfee will immediately email you the link to a ZIP package containing the ISO image (135MB). NOTE: McAfee will be tracking download click-throughs for licensing purposes.


How to Burn the McAfee 5958 Recovery Tool ISO to CD or DVD
McAfee 5958 Remediation – Using PXE network booting and WDS
False positive detection of w32/wecorl.a in 5958 DAT (for Corporate/Business users) – VirusScan Enterprise

Fonte: McAfee


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